ECLIPSE (Moon draws Sun / Earth draws Moon)

As the new moon eclipsed the morning sun at 9.45am on 20 March 2015, Northern Europe was cast into darkness. In conjunction with this spectacular celestial event, artist David Faithfull was commissioned by Edinburgh Printmakers to present  ECLIPSE at Castle Mill Works. A dramatic visual artwork, that mirrored and responded to the phases of the solar/lunar extravaganza.

A kinetic mural by David Faithfull and Dr Hermine Schnetler from the UKATC), as part of the DARK MATTERS project, developed by Edinburgh Printmakers, the  UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UKATC) ,and Edinburgh University to bring artists, astronomers and space engineers together to explore the subject of deep space. The peformance was accompanied by the children of Stockbridge Prmary School all wearing supplied safety glasses to witness the once in a lifetime phenomenom.

In ECLIPSE a light source is projected onto a revolving orrery, comprising of a 3D printed moon, made of powdered moon rock or anorthosite and a orange glass orb screenprinted with one Galileo's early line drawings of his moon surface observations. Engineering and Mecahnics created by UKATC.


Supported by Claire and Micahel Johnson