Bull/Bear Market


Embossed Shredded BOS Bank-notes with screen-printed metallic and iridescent acrylic

Permanent display at Llyods Bank Headquarters, London and Bank of Scotland Headquarters, The Mound, Edinburgh

Commissioned by Helen Redmond-Cooper (Bank of Scotland) with Alice Strang from the Scotiish National Gallery of Modern Art 2007

The ‘Bull/Bear Market’ project, originally commissioned by the Bank of Scotland in 2007, investigated the current financial world and incorporates actual shredded money from obsolete BOS bank-notes. The subject matter reflects the fiscal worlds’ relationships with ‘Bull’ and ‘Bear’ motives and markets.

The two large prints (150 cm x 100 cm) were printed in collaboration with Dundee Printmakers and the University of Dundee’s Visual Research Centre and were completed in July 2008, in the midst of the 2008 Banking and Credit crisis.

The process of integrating the shredded money develops earlier experimental ‘money’ pieces, exploring biblical themes of money utilizing a variety of contemporary and traditional printmaking techniques. These include incorporating, adhering and pressing the raw bank-note compound into new forms and structures utilising screen-printing, etching and lithography processes.

An additional, smaller version integrating these shredded banknotes, is available in the bank’s Museum shop on the Mound in Edinburgh, in the form of an accessible currency ‘multiple’.
The prints were exhibited at Engramme at Quebec at Faithfull's solo show there (2012), at Impact 6 in Bristol and the SSA annual exhibition in Dundee (2009) and at Edinburgh Printmaker's Edinburgh Arts Festival Exhibition 'Cheer Up it's not the End of the World' (2012), featured and illustrated in Duncan Macmillan's Scotsman review, also including work by Albrecht Durer and the Chapman Brothers.
Printed at the DCA Print Workshop with Scott Hudson and Paul Harrison.
Additional Article by Susan Mansfield in the Scotsman