Climate Change investigation using Alchemical Birds and the currently endangered DOTTEREL as metaphor for ecological Transmutation.


First exhibited as an invited artist at CUPAR ARTS FESTIVAL 2016
ARtists Book and series of Murals, prints and multiples, exploring that year's theme of the 'LIMINAL' Tipping Point, transition, change of state.

The DOTTEREL bird and landscape Alchemical imagery were positioned across Cupar for the Arts Festival on selected discreet and prominent locations, including Jordan's Night Club, the Council Chambers and Main Street closes.


Global warming is regarded as a major threat to birds and other biodiversity. In particular, birds of montane habitats are especially susceptible to climate change impacts, as they have restricted opportunities to move to higher elevations to find suitable climate space. The Dotterel is one of several birds on the UK’s endangered species list. Through global warming its Cairngorm habitat has been irreversibly changed.