Palindromos: Running back again (Greek)

Many of the drawings I have produced employ a palindromic or dual form. As well as representing the physical landscape from two diametrically opposite viewpoints, they portray concepts, interpretable from contrasting perspectives, often subjectively following one approach and objectively the other.

Most of these investigations depict my responses to the landscape of Scotland, particularly the Hebridean Island of Mull. This is a place of stark yet sublime beauty and an area I have found deeply inspiring since childhood.

These palindromic forms and concepts are also included in Artist Book titles including Edit/Tide. This comprises of two continuous sequential courses or cycles. Read as Tide, the book covers a brief theory of tides and tide tables. Viewed as Edit, it a more personal interpretation of the tidal influences, describing various, mythological and fictitious characteristics.

Again adopting a palindromic form, the concertina bound book, will contain drawings, photographs, texts, maps and diagrams, detailing both the objective physical and environmental conditions of the landscape, transposed with the more subjective aspects of human history, memory and mythology.

Traigh Mhill, East looking west/West Looking East, focuses introspectively from one direction, on the personal associations of memory and sensory response to a certain heathland/shoreline region. From the other antithetical viewpoint, I detail more objective, topographical, geological, meteorological and environmental particulars of the area.