Two large glazed murals commissioned by NHS Tayside for the developed Murray Royal complex near Perth.

The corridor section is approx 10 long x 2.5 high and depicts transient birch trees, symbolic of the lithe messenger, renewal and purification moves through the landscape towards the more permanent oak, symbol of masculinity and strength.

 Together birch and oak were used ritually in the Belthane fire and fertility festivals.

 In the stairwell mural the mighty oak additional symbol of the Stuart dynasty fades gradually into the upland Scots Pine, symbol of Scotland, silence and reverence.

 The two blank ‘loch’ sections in both pieces reflect nearby hills mirrored in the landscape in the edge of the water. Kinnoull Hill near Perth viewed from the south and the Obney hills SE of Dunkeld viewed from Birnam Wood respectively.

 Additional murals in the complex have been created by Timorous Beasties and Emma Varley. Building designed by Macmon Chartered Architects in Glasgow.