by David Faithfull and Dr William Taylor on Castle Mill Works, Edinburgh

A digital and guerrilla  screenprinted and commissioned mural by David Faithfull as part of the DARK MATTERS project, developed by Edinburgh Printmakers, the  UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UKATC) and Edinburgh University to bring artists, astronomers and space engineers together to explore the subject of deep space.

Relating specifically to the dates of the different Encyclopaedia Britannica editions printed nearby in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh; these enlarged full stops relate to the hypothetical positioning of the corresponding stars viewable during a total eclipse.

These magnified full stops are depicted as star formations in the upper windows of Castle Mill Works, looking north. Paradoxically they coincide with the actual time frame of both the original light emanating from Edinburgh 200-300 years ago, only now reaching these stars in deep space, as well as their emitted light, in juxtaposition, only now arriving here on Earth.

The full stops were individuallty taken from pertinent chapters on ‘Newton’ and ‘Enlightenment' from an early Encyclopaedia Britannica edition, in recognition of Edinburgh’s own intellectual and publishing heritage, particularly the printing of the EB in Fountainbridge from 1777 – 1826 at the Grove Print Works directly across the road from the Castle Mill Works site.