A68 project with nick-i melville.

Exploring Dalketh and Newbattle woods, looking at oak trees, barks and ardent carvings.


Exhibitied at:

PAGES NEW VOICES, Artists Books Travelling Exhibition, Supported by Arts Council England 2019

Initial A68 project trip to Dalkeith Estate Woods.

A68 is a collaboration between artists Jane Hyslop, David Faithfull, and poet Nicky Melville.

The boxed multiple was exhibited at the International Print Conference Impact 8 in Dundee in August 2013.

David and nick-y presented A68 (with jane Hyslop) at the 'Edge of Words' Artists’ Book Study Day/Seminar at the Scottish Modern Art Gallery Two, Friday, 5th December 2014.

Other speakers included:
Kathryn Brown, ‘Henri Matisse’s Jazz on the Edge’
Peter Dayan, ‘Tristan Tzara's artist's books, or the birth of poetry at the edge of words’
Alice Tarbuck, 'Thomas A Clark'
Greg Thomas, "Are Happenings Sometimes Wearisome?" Civilising Dada in Ian Hamilton Finlay's 1960s Booklet Poems'
Lila Matsumoto, 'Dick Higgins and Ulises Carrion, Poetic Experimentation in Artists Books 1960-1980'
Julie Johnstone, 'Essence Press'