Barox is an investigation into gambling, fruit-machines, beach resorts, probability and the number 3. Initially a return to childhood visits to Portobello promenade outside Edinburgh, sampling the penny falls and candy floss, Barox portrays the iconic, vernacular visual language of the fair ground and beach resort.

Through a series of branded booklets, chocolate multiples, posters and interactive souvenir postcards, rubber stamps and stickers, Barox appeals to our visual senses, acknowledging the gambler, dreamer and systematic hoarder in us all. The publication 'Barox' includes the history and operation of fruit machines including diagrams, photographs and the mathematical formula for the probability of particular outcomes.

Installations have included 'doctored' and re-branded Barox fruit machines in Brno in the Czech Republic, in the ICA, London and Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh, with the gallery visitors invited to play the machine and record the resulting combinations through rubber stamping the freely available souvenir cards. 

Barox is also available as an edible chocolate ‘multiple’, supplied by Groovychocolate, whose revolutionary patent involves the printing of food dyes through adapted inkjet printers onto blocks of chocolate.