Leviathan f3:

Flotsam: Inch kenneth investigations.


An Artists Book published by David Faithfull and Semper Fidelis in 2011, based on residencies on the Isle of Inch Kenneth off the west coast of Mull in March 2010 and June 2011, with Artists Collective 6°W

Published to accompany Ithe 'nch Kenneth' exhibition with 6°W, at An Tobar on Mull 2012, An Lanntair on Lewis 2012. 'Leviathan f5' was also exhibitied at  and Stewart Hall in Quebec (2013), at 'Artist Book' in Tokyo (2014) and at Summerhall, in Edinburgh (2015).


Where once the grain fields of Iona stretch across its back

Boswell collects yellow periwinkles on the sands

The Third Reich swarms east and west

And two sisters carve swastikas and sickles on the panes

Made famous by Boswell and Johnson on their Hebridean Tour in 1773, Inch Kenneth later became the family home of the Mitford sisters. As the Nazis swept across Europe one sister Unity wrote letters to Hitler, Diana married Mosley and later, as eventual inheritor, Jesica promised to turn the island into a Soviet Submarine base.

This was the 2010 pilot to a residency on the island in 2011 with the Artists Collective 6°W

A passage of kings

from cliff to peaty cleft

Mansion, Mosley and Mausoleum

A folly of eiderduck and cormorant