IMPACT 12 International Print Conference, Bristol, Sep22

OCEAN.2 is an interactive Environmental Awareness Installation utilising experimental ‘Crystal’ Prints. Through direct audience engagement, OCEAN.2 presents some of the major concerns of plastics in global marine environments and how as individuals we can respond to them. These include microplastics in marine food chains and floating accumulative pollutants in our seas. 

Printed in faithfull's garden during lockdown, using available garden equipment. 

OCEAN was accepted for Impact 11 in Hong Kong, but cancelled due to Covid. It developed from SQUID, first performed on the public beaches at Santander during Impact 10, evolving back into the Gallery from direct site-specific interventions. These included invitations from EINA on Barcelona’s public beaches at Print.ed #5, Isle Martin Seaweed Festival and as an Edinburgh Printmakers Masterclass workshop.