The Artists's Book FLOTSAM+JETSAM: FATHOM CONTOUR was carved from Cedar wood, originating form the Artist's family garden in Scotland, where he was confined during the COVID Lockdown.

The content is derived form an experimental accidental drawing, undertaken on Tjuvika Hill during the (w0ORD Residency, directly after the HORN episode. The concertina sketchbook drawing of a panoramic landscape scene looking North, was caught by a gust of wind and cast into a nearby rock pool, obliterating the drawings. These in their wet stage, before drying and fading almost completely, is one of the prints also in the EBBE+FLOW exhibition.

Giclée Print

LANDSCOPE, Ink and Pool water on Sketchbook, 2019

Elemental chance of transitory marks and forms, captured as fleeting runes between wind and mountain.



The other Print by DF in the show, details the adapted interior pages of the FATHOM/CONTOUR Artists's Book.

HORN/MITT, Graphite on paper

Lost or discarded, evolutionary relics of zoomorphic growth or purpose, salvaged from peak and channel.