'The Paps of Jura, from Lead to Gold'

Screenprint and Giclée print

'From Paper to Gold' Exhibition

Edinburgh Printmakers


To celebrate 50 years of printmaking excellence, Edinburgh Printmakers has invited 50 artists to each produce an anniversary print to be included in an astonishing commemorative portfolio of exemplary contemporary Scottish printmaking. Each artist has been invited to participate based on the quality of their practice and contributions to Edinburgh Printmakers studio throughout the years.

The name From Paper to Gold refers to Edinburgh Printmakers' history, with paper representing one year and gold representing 50 years. The exhibition is unthemed, allowing the participating artists to display their work in its purest and boldest form. Working in this uninhibited manner, the artists have produced a body of work that is unique, diverse and distinguished.

At a significant milestone in the timeline of Scotland’s first open-access print studio, the exhibition and accompanying portfolio bear testament to the talent, skills and printmaking experience within the community of artists that has grown with the organisation. During the development of Castle Mill Works, the world-class centre for printmaking opening in 2019, From Paper To Gold acts as a snapshot of this important moment in the history of Edinburgh Printmakers and printmaking in Scotland.