ECLIPSE (Moon draws Sun/Earth draws Moon)

Kinetic/optical/Installation collaboration by David Faithfull and Dr Hermine Schnetler from the UKATC

Above sequence reveals 'ECLIPSE (Moon draws Sun/Earth draws Moon)' by Faithfull projected on walls of the new HLF funded Edinburgh Printmakers building, the former North British Rubber company HQ at Castle Mill Works, Gilmore Park, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

This coincided with the partial Solar Eclipse on the 20th of March 2015.

If the history of the Universe were a book, the final full stop on the last page would represent mankind’s time on earth…

With the publication of Isaac Newton’s ‘Principia’ in 1687, mankind took a giant leap towards ‘Enlightenment’ and consequentially the distinct paths of Art and Science separated forever.

The final black orb, this full stop after the word ‘FINIS’ on page 510 of book 3 of Principia, unreservedly defines this moment. Whether witnessed as another new moon in Science’s smooth trajectory to wisdom, or an eclipsed moon in its dissipated progress of Art towards illumination, Newton foreshadowed this dislocation.

On the morning of Friday the 20th of March 2015, a total solar eclipse darkened the skies of northern Scotland, a strange eary silence descends and a projected orb flickers into view on the wall of the old North British Rubber Factory.

This is David Faithfull's ‘ECLIPSE (Moon draws Sun/Earth draws Moon)', created in collaboration with Dr Hermine Schnetler from the UKATC.

Coinciding with this solar eclipse and part of the Edinburgh Science Festival

2015, the 'Eclipse' projection comprised of a massive blow-up of this final full-stop from Isaac Newtons' pioneering 'Principia'.

The final full stop from the last page of 'Principia'.

Photograph from the original first edition of 1687. 
(UKATC Library Edinburgh)




This was commissioned by Edinburgh Printmakers as part of DARK MATTERS

to bring artists, astronomers and space engineers together to explore the subject of deep space.


'Dark Matters', is a large scale collaboration between Artists, Space Engineers and Astronomers, instigated by Edinburgh Printmakers and the UKATC, the UK  Astornomy Tecnology Centre based at the Royal Observatory on Blackford Hill in Edinburgh.


Curated by  David Faithfull

‘But, after all, the aim of art is to create space…’
Frank Stella




Completed Artist and Astronomer/Engineer collaborations:

Alastair Clark with Eckhard Sutorius
David Faithfull with Hermine Schnetler
Mike Inglis with Martin Black

Proposed Artist and Astronomer/Engineer collaborations:

Paul Harrison with UKATC
Silas Parry with William Cochrane
Danny Cook with UKATC
Sue Corke with William Taylor
Gair Dunlop with Karen Moran
Louise K Wilson with Angus Gallie








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