The Book Artist As Explorer

Impact 8 International Print Conference Dundee



‘The Book Artist As Explorer’

 Curated by David Faithfull

 If the distinction between a traveller and a tourist, as one not knowing where they’re going and the other who can’t remember where they’ve been, then how appropriate, particularly in terms of Artists Books, is the adage then of the explorer, as one who doesn’t know where they are?

 Artists Books have historically been an enigmatic medium. This is both in relation to the definition of what exactly constitutes an Artists Book and how best to present, exhibit and distribute them. They are produced in small editions, often difficult to interpret, invariably fragile and of disparate monetary value. This has consistently posed a problem for the artist, the gallery, the viewer and the collector.

 With today’s opportunities for online publishing and digital creation, let alone distribution and the more conventional printed forms of production available, are the boundaries and unchartered territories for the Book Artist to explore akin to a creative Gold rush? Or does this cornucopia of possibilities just create further confusion in defining and engaging within this complex genre?

 For ‘The Book Artists As Explorer’ within Impact 8, the curator David Faithfull extends this debate with a series of exhibitions and interventions, reflecting current approaches within printmaking and Artists’ colophons. These include an open submission, the integration of specific work from the Centre for Artists Books at the VRC in Dundee and the commissioning of Artists Books from six different artists, especially for the conference;

 This curated exhibition will coincide with both the Open Book session and the individual Artist Book presentations at Impact 8.

 The Book Artists As Explorer/Participating Artists:

 Commissioned Artists:

Frans Baake

Helen Douglas

Alec Finlay

Imi Maufe

Finlay Taylor

Enmmanuelle Waeckerle

Exhibiting Artists:

Imi Maufe


LK243 UnderSail






Sae Oshio


Sae Oshio

Mita Takeshi

Sakai Ichiyu

Maeno Tomohiko

Kobayashi Kojiro


Save as

Save as

Save as

Save as

Save as

Laurie Lax

Sea Blanket


Ian Stephan

& Christine Morrison


Acts of Trust / Talla Solais prints

Susan Timmins

Red Gown

Simon Faithfull

Liverpool to Liverpool


Theresa Easton

Travels in Time

Les Bicknell

the weight of invisibility

Angie Butler

Tour De France


Mark Wingrave

Fragments from Gennady Aygi

Peter Bennett

The Voyage

Stephanie Turnbull

Travelling Suitcase: Barcelona

Sue Bovington

A tale of two cities… London/Paris

Aine Scannell

Where Sleeping Birds Lie


Michael C Nicholson

Common Senses


Phillipa Wood

8 Minutes Across


Hazel Grainger

Here & There (& Everywhere)


Frans Baake

Aits & Eyots


Frans Baake

Eiland in Zicht / Eiland Inzicht


Frans Baake



Sumi Perera

Lines Exploring Space


Artists Book panel:

Helen Douglas

Ousama Lazkani

Tim Mosely

Monica Oppen

PatriciaThomas/Anna Brown