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ALCHEMICAL AVIARY small £75, large poa

The Crow, Swan, Peacock, Pelican, Phoenix and Dotterel symbolise specific Alchemical and environmental processes and transformations.

Commissioned by Cupar Arts Festival and the theme ‘Liminal: transition, tipping point, change of state’. ISBN 978-90059941-2


Scottish and Norwegian cultural collaboration, based on two 

(w)ORD Artists residencies in Tjuvika, on the Sogne Fjord, Norway and Tormore, on Mull, Scotland. Ed. 150. Drawings, photos, diagrams and texts in Gaelic, Norse and English. 6 colour, offset litho. 

ISBN 978-1-900599-46-7. 


Collaboration with poet nicky melville, based on mutual connection with Dalkeith town and Duke of Buccleuch’s nearby estate divided by A68 bypass. Ed. 100 signed, numbered. 2. Full colour litho with screen-printed text. ISBN 978-1-900599-37-5. 

LEVIATHAN f3: flotsam £75

Created during residency on Inch Kenneth off the Isle of Mull, home of the notorious Mitford Sisters, with 6°W Artists Collective. Ed. 50 signed, numbered. 3 colour screen-print cover and digital printed pages. First 10 in edition with additional artwork by David Faithfull 

ISBN 978-1-900599-28-3. 


Oak Gall Interventions £250

Boxed multiple created for the Exhibition ‘Reflective Histories’ at Traquair House in the Scottish Borders. Includes coded ‘Jacobite’ pieces including beer bottle, prints, cards, labels and 3D printed Unicorn chess piece. Ed. 25, signed numbered. Screen-print, digital, offset litho, intaglio and 3D digtail printing. 


Intervention notes for ‘the Art of Concealment’ boxed multiple. 25 proof copies, signed. Intaglio print, original wallpaper sample, screen-printed cards. 

JURA Eastwards/Westwards £75

David Faithfull and TS Elliot Poetry Prize Winner John Burnside collaborated on the Jura Malt Whisky Writers’ Retreat Residency, on the Isle of Jura, with the Scottish Book Trust and The Jura Distillery. Poems, oak-gall ink drawings and palindromic landscape studies. 

Ed. 250 signed, numbered. 10 PMS colour offset. litho. 


Oak Gall Landsscapes/Palindromic Landscapes £15

First published in The Spirit of Jura (ISBN 978-1-84697-128-0) with writers including Will Self, Janice Galloway and Benard Crick; Faithfull created a visual chapter documenting his Island collaboration with John Burnside at the Writers Retreat on Jura. Unpsecified Edition, offset litho.


One Hundred Years of Baillie Gifford 19O8-2OO8. Edinburgh, Fremi Books, 2008. A topographical and chronological panorama of Edinburgh. Text by Ken Cockburn. Art by David Faithfull, Editiorial concept by Grazyna Fremi. Ed. 2600 in presentation box. 6 colour offset. ISBN 978-0-9558946-0-2. 


Catalogue/Multiple pack to accompany ‘Inkubator 1’ Exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers curated by David Faithfull. Ed. 200, signed, numbered, including multiples by Eddie Summerton and Lyndsay Mann and essay by Neil Cameron. Mixed printing processes.

ISBN 1900599244. 


Catalogue/Multiple pack to accompany ‘Inkubator 2’ Exhibition atThe DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery, curated by David Faithfull.  

Ed. 250, signed, numbered, including multiples by J L Williams, J&M Grant and James Acord, with essay by Giles Sutherland. Mixed printing processes., ISBN 978-1-900599-27-6. 


‘The Wooden Library’ or ‘Die Holzerne Bibliothek’, printed on wallpaper specially created for the ‘Inkubator’ exhibition. Ed. 25, signed, numbered, screen print and vinyll. ISBN 1900599236. 


Collaboration with poet by JL Willliams depicting the Labyrinth and Theseus’s ‘crane’ dance on encountering the Minotaur. Ed. 100, signed. 3 colourscreen print. ISBN 978-1-900599-30-6.


Palindromic book, depicting a Scottish Hebridean landscape.

Objective from one direction, detailing geological & meteorological conditions, etc. from the opposite diametrical viewpoint subjective, detailing personal emotions & memories. Concertina bound, palindromic book in slip-case, of drawings, diagrams and texts, 

Ed. 30, signed, numbered, with Gaelic and English text. 9 colour, screen-printed. ISBN 1 9005 9904 X. 


Palindromic book and catalogue, investigating landscapes and seascapes on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. Palindromic drawings, photos, diagrams and texts. Ed. 150, signed, numbered, in Gaelic and English. 

6 colour, screen-printed. ISBN 190059903. 

TIDE £6 each, 2 for £10

Palindromic book, detailing etymological definitions of tides and tidal flows. Palindromic photos, diagrams, tide tables and texts, Ed. 400, with Latin text. 2 colour offset. ISBN 1900599015. 

EDIT £6 each, 2 for £10

Palindromic book, detailing mythological explanations of tides and tidal flows. Palindromic photos, diagrams, tide tables and texts, 

Ed. 400. 2 colour offset. ISBN 1900599023. 


Double Palindromic book: visual ‘thesis’ by David Faithfull. Exoplores particular seascapes & landscapes, previously depicted by painters Monet, W.C.Crawford and Millais; counter verbal ‘antithesis’ by Giles Sutherland reinterprets the same locations. Book of diagrams, panoramic and consequential drawings, Ed. 250, 6 colour screen printed. ISBN 1900599201.  

JETTISON 1: Flotsam, Tornado F.Mk3 poa

Flight Crash Investigation, detailing salvaged plane wreckage.  

Hard-bound book of wreckage sites, photographs, text & diagrams. 

Ed. 6, signed, numbered. 3 colour metallic ink, screen-printed. 

ISBN 1900599139. 


Jetsom, Martin-Baker Ejector Seat Trials £25

Flipbook, detailing flight path and ejector seat rotation. Ed. 75, signed, numbered. 3 colour metallic ink, screen-printed. ISBN 1900599147. 

JETTISON 3: Shard poa

Boxed multiple containing free wreckage sample, Jettison 2: flipbook and cards. Ed. 35, signed, numbered. 3 colour metallic ink, screen-printed. ISBN 1900599147. 


Published for ‘Sum of Parts’ at the Fruitmarket 1999. Each book includes a personalised ‘jackpot’ number, cards and stickers. Concertina bound, perforated postcard book of diagrams, maps, tables, grids, photographs and texts, Ed. 243, signed, numbered. 3 colour offset. ISBN 1900599090. 

BOOK OF MATCHES: Paradise Lost £6 each, 2 for £10

Depicts the story of ‘Creation’ and the ‘Fall’, abridged from John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, narrated through ‘match’ imagery.  Ed. 500, signed, offset litho & screen print. ISBN 1900599104. 

BOOK OF MATCHES: Paradise Regained £6 each, 2 for £10

Depicts the story of ‘Christ’, narrated through ‘match’ imagery. 

Match book of photographs and texts. Ed. 500, signed. Offset litho 

& screen print. ISBN 1900599112.  


Photographs of Bunker & RAF Bombing Range Observation Tower at Cheswick Beach, Northumberland, England. Published in conjunction with ‘Inkubator 2’ at Durham Art Gallery and DLI Museum. Ed. 250 signed, numbered. 10 PMS colour offset litho. 

ISBN 978-1-900599-26-9. 

POSTCARDS £1 each, 3 for £2

Assorted: Bunker,  James Accord,  J.L.Williams, Barox, 


Screen-printed Oak Gall Interventions


Assorted: Landscape, Banknotes, Alchemical Birds, Moon Rocks

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