Embossed Powdered Oak Gall and acrylic

‘The Great Bear' is one of a series of experimental prints, incorporating solid, powdered and shredded materials. The subject matter investigates the ecology, history and mythology of the 'Forest', particularly in relation to North European traditions. 

These particular investigations involve the traditional use of oak galls, their properties as a natural dye and as the basis of medieval manuscript ink, as used in The Book of Kells. The powdered galls in this instance have been transformed into a 'flock' wallpaper effect, adding raised textures and contrasting de-bossed impressions to normally flat screen prints. 

‘The Great Bear’ image was also transformed into an edition of hand-woven rugs, produced using traditional processes in Northern Iran. In this instance the natural dyes used were cammomille, walnut and madder. 

The rugsb were first exhibited at Inkubator 1 at Edinburgh Printmakers.

Projects utilising oak gall ink, also include the Artists Book collaboration with the writer John Burnsideon the Isle of Jura. He was sent a phial of the ink with a Hebridean reed pen to compliment the writing and creative ‘process’ of collaborating with the artist.