EBBE+FLOW  is an exchange exhibition; touring in its own wooden chest filled with artworks and images connecting Norway and Scotland. It grew out of a four-year collaborative project between nine artists based in Norway and Scotland: Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Rhona Fleming, Sarah Jost, David Lemm, Jon Macleod, Randi Annie Strand, Calum Wallis and co-curators David Faithfull and Imi Maufe. The project began with two (w)ORD residencies, first at Tormore on Mull (2018), and then at Tjuvika in Gulen, Norway (2019), each exploring language, landscape and history; with collaboration from local linguists, seafarers, geologists, foresters and nature wardens.

The artworks inspired by these residencies are now travelling from place to place in a specially designed chest (kist) containing individual drawers for each artist, unfolding to reveal sculptures, drawings, prints, video and artefacts. The exhibition captures, in its form and configuration, the essence of the drifting cultural and nautical exchanges between two lands across the North Sea, both historically and today; the ebb and flow of tides, people and objects between Norway and Scotland, following the weather and the tidal streams, back and forth, from east to west and from west to east.  


EBBE+FLOW is a project initiated with the support of BAG Art Camp (Bergen Ateliergruppe) in Norway and the Society of Scottish Artists and launched at Visningrommet USF, Bergen on the 20th August 2021 and then shown at Galleri Rustic, Holsnøy and B-Open at Bergen Ateliergruppe, before sailing over the North Sea to Scotland in 2022.The project is supported by: Creative Scotland, Norsk Kulturråd, City of Bergen, Vestland County Council, VACMA Highland Western Isles, Bergen Ateliergruppe and the SSA.