David Faithfull's ALCHEMICAL AVIARY is at PRINT.ed #6 Virtual Fair of Singular Publications



University School of Design and Art of Barcelona 
PRINT.ed #6. Virtual fair of singular publications

» Opening: April 23
» Duration: From 23 to 30 April
» Sites: @einabarradeferro and @printedeina

PRINT.ed#6 is a fair dedicated to singular publications, an invitation to speculate about the book in its broadest sense. This annual exhibition of artist’s books and printed matter is an initiative that emerged from the confines of academia to create links between various educational centres around the world and to provide a meeting place for printmaking and the publishing and design of books.

What is in a book? What is the trash of a book? And what does the book do? How and when does it end? Who is in the book? And what is left out? And, above all, what does it mean to make a book?

The exceptional circumstances of the moment make the sixth edition of PRINT.ed have an exceptional character and take place through social networks, an opportunity to broaden the sense of participation and generate new forms of exchange. This year, in its sixth edition PRINT.ed is transforming into a virtual fair, with the participation of institutions and participants present in previous editions as well as several new collaborators. The fair will last for a week, and the opening is on April 23 to maintain the link with the celebration of Sant Jordi, International Book Day.

The location is at EINA Barra de Ferro Arts Centre, but not, as usual, in the exhibition room of the printmaking workshop, but on its virtual platform @einabarradeferro, as well as on the Instagram of the fair PRINT.ed#6.

At @einabarradeferro, playing with the concept that one should never judge a book by the cover, there are small audio clips or audiovisual teasers for the books. The actual books will be featured @printedeina, with a description and images for each book. The format of the fair wants in this way to question the reading and intangibility of books that in their majority use the paper or support an intrinsic part of the space-time of reading.

This year students, researchers, and artists are being presented by the following institutions.