The Environment and printmaking.


El Medioambiente y la gráfica.

SQUID: Guerrilla Screen printing installation/event

Aim: to create a transient printed piece on Santander beach during Impact 10, commenting on the environment, our use of plastic and acrylics, utilizing natural ingredients harvested from the sea. 

Ingredients: Screen-printing frame constructed of sea-born wood sourced from the shore and standard screen-printing mesh. Screen-Printing Ink comprising of Squid ink and Seaweed/Jellyfish derived Medium, specially sourced and created by the artist.

Method: As the early morning tide recedes on the Santander beach at Playa Sardinero, a lone figure appears on the flat sand adjacent to the water’s edge. Positioning a wooden screened frame on the beach he proceeds to print an image on the flat sand and moving rhythmically from left to right and down towards the water as the tide subsides, he covers a large area of the sand with an ever increasing repeating image pattern, the elements of the image darker than the background sand.

6 hours later as the tide turns and begins its relentless advancement up the beach - it proceeds to merge with the printed image on the sand, dissolving and dissipating the natural seaweed and squid ink pattern back into the ocean. 

Documentation: The proposal would be to repeat the process, fitting in with the local weather conditions and tide times, but initially at least 3 repetitions of this print ritual, incorporating early morning and evening tides. The whole process would be documented with stop motion photography, filmed by the artist.

Image: The proposed image printed on the beach would comprise of iconic plastic bottle and sea creature forms, arranged in an overall pattern. 

Although Jellyfish is indicated as a medium this would only be for effect in advancing the ecological and environmental nature of the event, actual seaweed would be the only constituent of the silk-screen medium.