DF Statement:
Xenolith: a piece of rock within an igneous mass, not derived from original magma, originating from elsewhere.
The landscape, with its diverse natural elements, forms and inhabitants is a palimpsest of runes and geological rifts. Stones, rocks and alluvial plains shift slowly across the landscape in an ever changing metamorphic metamorphosis. And against these eternal geological displacements and rearrangements, humanities own nomadic toils are played out against the landscape, forged and moulded within their own social, political and national constraints.
For Intranquility, Faithfull responds to this idea of restlessness, by investigating once misplaced, now connate elements, within the Scottish landscape.


25 June – 14 August 2016
An Talla Solais Gallery
Ullapool IV26 2UG.

The Society of Scottish Artists collaboration with An Talla Solais, presenting Intranquility, initially conceived by Rosie Lesso.

The title is a subversive play on the word tranquillity, which is so often used to describe beautiful and remote locations such as Ullapool.

Using this theme as a starting point, the group of six artists who work in a range of media have been brought together to explore less traditional approaches to landscape, creating tension and unrest and asking questions about the role of land, place and the environment in contemporary art.

Selected Artists:

David Faithfull
Katharine Aarrestad
David Forster
Alastair Clark
Liz Douglas
Su Grierson