(Curated by Imi Maufe), Bergen, Norway

Voyage Boxed (2014) A collaboration of 18 aritsts

Contributing artists:
Peter Bennett (UK), Nancy Campbell (UK) with Roni Gross (USA), John Cumming (UK), David Faithfull (UK), Andrew Friend (UK), Lutz Fritsch (DE), Matthew Herring (UK),
Gunnar Jonsson (IS), Simon Le Ruez (UK/DE) David Lilburn (IR), Imi Maufe (UK/NO),
Rona Rangsch (DE), Ding Ren (USA), Aslak Gurholt Rønsen (NO), Ian Stephen with Christine Morrison (UK), Jeff Talman (USA), Sally Waterman (UK),
and Philippa Wood (UK).

The exhibition Voyage: sea journeys, island hopping and trans-oceanic concepts was held at Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Germany, in 2013, curated by artists Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch. Voyage, purposefully shown in a land locked city, brought together artists with works that explored the theme in often subtle and less obvious ways than one would expect.We wanted Voyage to tour, and this boxed version is our creative answer to the issues involved with touring exhibitions.

Voyage Boxed aims to represent the original exhibition as a multiple edition in a format of just 14.8x 14.8cm. The box includes a collection of artworks by sixteen of the Voyage artists and the two artist-curators, and the original exhibition catalogue. Voyage Boxed has been produced as a limited edition of fifty, with each artist receiving two copies.

Coordinated by Imi Maufe and Rona Rangsch 2013/14

please get in touch with us if you wish to exhibit or purchase Voyage Boxed
Imi - bluedogtours(at) or Rona - rona_rangsch(at)

Voyage Boxed Updates - Exhibitions and Collections

2013 May 2nd and 3rd - Turn the Page, book art fair and exhibition, Norwich, UK


Voyage is currently represented in:

a private collection in Germany
Künstlerhaus Dortmund
Manchester Metropolitan University Library Collection
Edinburgh University Main LibraryToured to Turn the Page, Norwich , England, 2015