Seòmar [Chamber] 

Solo exhibition at Meffan Gallery, Forfar, Scotland

Seòmar is a series of chamber or room installations, each created by David Faithfull with reference to a particular feature or issue within the Scottish Landscape.
From the Oak Grove to the military Bunker, each defined space is tailored with a site-specific wallpaper and shelves, housing a collection of prints, drawings, Artist Books and Multiples.
These accompanying printed and drawn works reference Scotland’s history and geology, its mythology and its meteorology. They include reliquaries and relics, Jacobite codes and symbols, electric pylons and military flight crash investigations.
Coinciding with the historic Referendum vote on the 18th of September 2014, the exhibition title also reflects the ‘Seòmar na Pàrlamaid’ or Debating Chamber in the Scottish Parliament, itself pivotal in defining the future Landscape of Scotland.