Solo show at Peter Potter Gallery,  Haddington investigating issues of Power at Cockenzie Cal Burning Power Station, Torness Nuclear Power Station and Aiken Gall Wind Farm in East Lothian.

STONE PAPER SCISSORS is three plinth mounted sculptures infront of a large wall-mounted photograph.

STONE PAPER SCISSORS represents the contemporary global challenges with competing energy sources and resources.
Using the traditional playground game of STONE PAPER SCISSORS, the 'Stone' represents coal power, 'Paper' wind power and the 'Scissors' nuclear fission.
In this version of the game, akin to the energy debate, nobody effectively wins and the accompanying sculptures reflect this in their choice of materials. The 'Scissors' are laser cut from a block of coal, the 'Paper' is made form a perforated and lined sheet of steel and the 'Stone' is formed into a block of paper.
Behind the three sculptures presented on high plinths, a photograph depicts electric pylons in conflict with a shrinking natural woodland.




Poets Sam Walton, Jow Lindsay and Iain Morrison, performed at the Earth Wind and Fission Exhibition Opening.

The poems are published in the Artists Book 'Pitch Pine' (subterranean landscape with trees)

isbn 978-1-900599-33-7